Chilliwack River
Valley Cavers
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Welcome to the Official Chilliwack River Valley Cavers Home Page. We hope you find this page a good start as you look into the sport, science, and educational value of caving. The CRVC is a member organization of the British Columbia Speleological Federation. As such, we strongly support safe caving practices and the preservation and conservation of cave resources.

Who Are We?

The Chilliwack River Valley Cavers are a small group of individuals interested in the exploration of caves. We strive to promote the protection and restoration of these resources through activities emphasizing conservation and responsible exploration. The club is a growing resource of people, experience & knowledge that achives these objectives in a context of safety, teamwork, friendship & fun.

How Do I Get Involved

You can contact the email addresses below for more information. Anything outside of Chilliwack can be accessed at the cancaver website

Elected Members:

Is there Club Meetings?

On the 1st Wednesday of every month we meet at the Chilliwack River Valley Firehall. The meeting is held at 6:30 PM and everyone is welcome.
Membership in the CRVC is open to any interested person. Annual dues are $20.00 per individual, which includes all privileges of BCSF membership, among them a quarterly newsletter and access to the provincial caving list serve.

Chilliwack River Valley Cavers
PO Box 4023
Yarrow Station Main
Chilliwack, BC
V2R 5H8
(604) 819 4272